Kellie Pierson and John Sanzana operate Rhodos, a small coffee roasting house and cafe on Vancouver Island. In 2006, Kelly and John thought Rhodo's coffee was so good that they bought the little Vancouver Island coffee roasting house and cafe.

The Rhodos Story

Meet Kellie & John

More than a decade ago, Kellie Pierson and John Sanzana, self-described coffee fanatics, discovered the best tasting coffee they'd ever encountered at a cozy little roasting house on Vancouver Island. They soon became addicted to Rhodos coffee - the smell, the flavour, the loyal customers.. They had to introduce Rhodos coffee to a public desperate for a fresher, more flavourful cup of joe!

In 2006, Kellie and John purchased the coffee roasting house and cafe. The rest, as they say, is history. Rhodos freshly roasted, Fair Trade organic coffee beans are now available to fellow coffee fanatics in restaurants and grocery stores across Vancouver Island - and in a cozy coffee roasting house in the Comox Valley!

Kellie Pierson and John Sanzana have built a reputation at Rhodos for excellent, on-site roasted coffee matched with exceptional customer service. They roast their beans in small batches every week so that only the freshest cup of coffee makes it to their customers.

Stop by their Rhodo's Roasting House & Cafe and try the coffee that was so delicious they had to buy the shop, or contact Rhodos to experience it in your own home or business.